What Are Pyramid or Ponzi Schemes?


Are you in a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme right now?  

Are you being ripped off without even knowing it?

Ponzi Scheme Exposed

I thought I would share this article by Robert Kiyosaki; author, speaker, business coach, etc.,  because he really makes it crystal clear what pyramid or ponzi schemes are, their history and characteristics, which should help thousands recognize what is or is not a pyramid or ponzi scheme.  Continue reading…


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Written by Darcel Dobbins

I am an Ex-Registered Financial Adviser (Series 7 & Series 65) and Accountant with 30 years of experience helping individuals and businesses create financial strategies for wealth building. I’ve also been involved in the Networking industry for over 30 years, with many of the top network marketing companies.

In 2010 I began my journey learning how to master online marketing and blogging.I have learned many of the leading online marketing strategies and how to monetize blogging.

My mission is to help as many people as possible become financially literate, create a prosperity consciousness, and take control of their own financial destiny.

If you would like to team up with me, email me at: Empowerurself2@aweber.com.

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